Saturday, October 26, 2013

What I Love about Autumn

I have to admit that I get a little down at the end of summer when the sun starts setting earlier and breezes become chillier. Many people love autumn because of the colors of the leaves, the crisp, fresh air, start of a new school year, football season and apple cider, but there are many things that I love about the fall season that you may not have considered. Here is a brief list:
  • Pockets – I love pockets. In the summer when I wear tank tops and shorts, I often don’t have pockets. In the fall, I can put my car keys into my pocket instead of into my purse which means valuable time saved when it’s time to retrieve them. This is especially helpful when leaving a store weighed down with bags of groceries; all I have to do is reach into my pocket and—voila—keys!
  • Socks – My feet are cold all the time. In the summer, I can’t wear socks with my sandals…well, I guess I could, but I would look dorky so I don’t. But I do wear socks to bed every night (which according to Oprah and Dr. Oz is a very good thing…message me if you don’t understand this LOL). In the fall I can wear socks all the time. I have happy feet J
  • Scarf – Wearing a scarf just makes me feel continental. Whenever I watch travel shows, people in Europe have scarves tossed across their shoulders in such a casual-but-very-hip way. I can dig out all of my scarves now and wear a different one each day (though I usually select the teal one my Sweet Baboo gave me).
  • Electric blanket – Yes, I know there are studies that claim electric blankets cause all kinds of medical problems, but I promise I turn it off once I climb into bed. Nestling into warm sheets on a cool autumn evening is a wonderful thing.
  • Candles – Having the soft, flickering glow of a candle on the table lends such a cozy, romantic atmosphere to our home. Combined with a glass of wine, you have a little bit of heaven. Add socks and who knows where the evening will go.

So despite 7 p.m. sunsets and frost on my window in the morning, there is much to be grateful for in autumn.

What are some of your fall favorites?


  1. I love watching the leaves change colors in the fall. And hats, scarves, and mittens. :)

    1. I love the smell of burning leaves. And I love memories of raking leaves into a pile and jumping in as a child....not while they were burning, of course!